Arthritis is very common but is not well understood. Actually, “arthritis” is not a single disease; it is an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions. People of all ages, sexes and races can and do have arthritis, and it is the leading cause of disability in Nigeria. More than 10 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis. It is most common among women and occurs more frequently as people get older.

Common arthritis joint symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion. Symptoms may come and go. They can be mild, moderate or severe. They may stay about the same for years, but may progress or get worse over time. Severe arthritis can result in chronic pain, inability to do daily activities and make it difficult to walk or climb stairs. Arthritis can cause permanent joint changes. These changes may be visible, such as knobby finger joints, but often the damage can only be seen on X-ray. Some types of arthritis also affect the heart, eyes, lungs, kidneys and skin as well as the joints.

Read the story of a Middle Aged Woman with Arthritis Who Was Unable to Stand or Turn a Key and Unlock her Own Front Door Beat the Joint Pain, Stiffness, and Exhaustion of Arthritis without Drugs” Find Out How to Save Yourself from the Daily Misery, Frustration, and Money Drain of Unending Joint Pain

My name is Maria. I am 68 years old. Since my youth I have been suffering from joint pain, especially knees and back pain. I could barely do anything myself. With years the condition has worsened. Almost every year I had to go to physiotherapy, and then Ibuprofen, Advil and some other painkillers helped me through the raining season. Even with that, the condition has been worsening in the recent years. My spine started to deteriorate. My doctor prescribed Celebrex and Glucosamine. I had great troubles with my liver and stomach after taking Celebrex. I started taking FOREVER FREEDOM three months ago, after a short time, I started feeling better and better. I was surprised at the ease with which I could get out of bed, close my front door,  get in and out of car, and a general ease of movement. Incredibly, the movement of my joints, especially knees and fists, has returned. Back pains have disappeared. I started to move normally up and down the stairs. My stomach is ok. I no longer have joint pains, am not tired, my cholesterol has improved as well as my blood pressure, and my general state of health is much better than before.

TESTIMONIAL 2 : from Musa in Kano State. When I was told “Dad, we’re going to have to sell your cars and send you abroad for treatments,” I was ready to try anything. YES IT’S TRUE they were going to sell my house too. It was hard to imagine as I had just completed my house. I was in really bad shape laid up in bed using crutches. I was in terrible health. My neighbor gave me some FOREVER FREEDOM to drink. It consisted of a pure grade of Aloe Vera with other products used for Arthritis – Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and MSM. These products are needed to maintain healthy joint function. I had tried some of these products before. But not in this liquid formula. After 3 bottles I was out of bed without crutches using a cane. Within a few months I was on my own and shortly afterward went to Abuja with family and walked over 20 blocks “Like a New Born Baby” Now most of my family and many friends use Forever Freedom and it’s wonderful to hear their good stories. As you can see, these are regular people, just like you and me, who decided they wanted a life without joint pains. With the help of this product I’m about showing you how to get. I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too” After 23-Years of Suffering with Arthritis I Shocked My Doctors (Who Predicted I’d Soon Need A Wheelchair) When I Naturally Cured My Arthritis… Without Expensive Medication Or Surgery! And I Know You Can Do The Same! Yes, the story of my arthritis cure seems almost impossible. And, incredible as it seems, it’s all true.

Dear Friend, My name is Nkechi Babatunde, I am from Okigwe in IMO State, I got married to my husband who is from Oyo state. It was July, 2015 when Dr. Jack Goldstein said these magic words to me: “Arthritis is the easiest disease to cure.” I heard those stunning words in disbelief, because I had spent 23 years suffering with Arthritis. As he spoke them, I was at the end of my rope. I could not bear to get up in the morning. I could not face another day with the pain that had been wearing on me for so long. – AND THEN I HEARD ABOUT THIS “MIRACLE WORKER”! It was almost too much for me to believe, and perhaps it is for you, too! You, as I was, probably have been told there is nothing to be done to eliminate the pain. You’ve probably been told, “Just go home and learn to live with it. “For 23 years I had been told by as many as 13 Doctors, all recommended by the well-known hospitals, to “Take these drugs for pain and go home and learn to live with it.” AND these heartbreaking words… “There is no cure for Arthritis!” At the young age of 21, I was even told that I would be in a wheel chair in 5 years. And here was this Doctor telling me that… “Arthritis Is the Easiest Disease To Cure!! I heard these words after spending 23 years and thousands of Naira on doctor bills and pain medication that did not work. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep because of the pain. Yes, I was skeptical, but I followed his advice.The result? I found an alternative arthritis treatment and am now pain free!

Ask yourself this question “DO I WANT TO BE FREE OF PAIN?” IF YOUR ANSWER IS “YES” – READ TO THE END… I’m about to let you in on the secret that got me thrown out of an Health conference – For trying to tell the truth that the arthritis sufferers attending DIDN’T NEED the expensive drugs and treatments they were being sold… Now YOU can get rid of arthritis using a natural treatment that the medical community wants to keep from you – because it’s not profitable to them. I Was Thrown Out Of An Health Conference! Do you want to know something depressing? The “Health Industry” -The groups who earn millions of naira with their expensive treatments for arthritis sufferers – DO NOT WANT YOU TO CURE YOUR ARTHRITIS!

I know most doctors are hard-working and doing their best and in many cases are achieving astonishing things.However, the pressure to use drugs and more drugs is overwhelming, because they need to keep being profitable, so they will never want you to be cured completely. It is not their fault! It is ours!! We go to them for a magic bullet and expect them to heal us…and without having to make any lifestyle changes! You must take charge of your body and your destiny. Here’s another example of why you may not have heard of this remedy before…. Non-profit organizations who collect donations given by sincere people and organizations who would like to see an end to misery and heartbreak of arthritis have huge budgets. They pay their top people some of the highest salaries in the industry plus giving out lots of perks. Sorry to say, here is a vested interest in not seeing arthritis disappear – status quo! I went to their experts for help. I got doctors’ names and pamphlets and discouragement! And no help!! Compared to many other countries, Nigerians are in poor health. WHY??? Because we listen to television and other media telling us what to eat and drink… We sit long hours in our offices and cars at traffic jams with little or no time for exercise and we get sick. People who move to Nigeria from countries who have better health than ours find themselves as sick as we are in about 7 years. WHY?? Because they take up our habits and our food choices. And most recently…countries with great health track records are finding their populations suffering from health conditions that they did not have just a decade ago. I was committed to being pain-free. And I did it!! Please let me help you as well.

Information is one of the very important barrier to health , we have a solutions to many of our health problems through herbs and diet which must people don’t know. HERE IS THE OUR PACKAGE FOR YOU – Guide to Freedom Ebook compiled by health researchers on arthritis to ensure you eat foods that can easily end your pains and two powerful products, Forever Freedom and Forever Move

In this book , you will learn Arthritis Core Solution. It is not uncommon that pain at joints and bones increase with age. Pain can cause stress and immobility, and affect the quality of life negatively. On a positive note, pain is the body’s signal for action. Both arthritis and osteoporosis can cause pain but it is important to note the differences. ARTHRITIS is the inflammation of joints, and can cause a lot of pain. Its common symptoms, depending on severity are :- Joint stiffness, especially within first 30 minutes after waking up, or after a long day. Creaking sound Pain during movement, and in severe cases, pain at rest. Deformity of joints Besides relying on medication, arthritis can be better managed with quality nutrition and appropriate types of exercise which are explained in this book.



Forever Freedom provides building block and lubrication for joints. Forever Freedom® has combined Aloe Vera with other substances that are helpful for the maintenance of proper joint function and mobility in a tasty, orange-flavored juice formula. We’ve taken Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate – two naturally occurring elements that have been shown to help maintain healthy joint function and mobility – and married them with our stabilized Aloe Vera gel. To this, we’ve added vitamin C and MSM, a primary source of bio-available sulfur the body needs to maintain healthy connective tissues and joint function. Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate are natural substances that help maintain the structure and health of cartilage, keeping this natural “shock absorber” well hydrated. They also help keep the lubricating fluid within the joint at the necessary viscosity to allow one surface to glide freely over another. As the body ages, it is less able to produce these natural elements of healthy cartilage which can then lead to “wear and tear” on the joints. Make Forever Freedom® a practical and nutritious way to start your day! Unique formulation available in an Aloe drink form, providing a practical and nutritious way to support joint health Easier assimilation due to Aloe Vera carrier Contains substances naturally occurring in joints Direction



Forever Move™

The ability to move is often something we take for granted. With Forever’s latest and most clinically advanced joint and muscle supplement, you can move freely and get support for joint comfort and flexibility.

NEM®, an all-natural food-sourced ingredient taken from eggs, delivers chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans and key proteins like collagen. This patented ingredient has published studies that show it supports a healthy range of motion, enhances joint comfort and flexibility, promotes healthy cartilage, decreases stiffness in joints, and promotes fast recovery from exercise—basically everything your joints have been begging for!

We further increased the benefits in this breakthrough formula by adding curcumin from turmeric – and not just in any form – but a version that uses a proprietary, patented emulsification technology, BioCurc. This technology increases curcumin’s bioavailability by 200%–allowing your body to absorb and utilize it more fully. This natural herb has been trusted for thousands of years to support joint health and provide antioxidant benefits.

Whether you’re have joint pains for years or chronic arthritis or just looking to enjoy more freedom in your everyday life, these two powerful supplements will help you get moving in two weeks.

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We all know that good health is far better than money. Moreover “Health is Wealth” in the first instance!

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